English Version

Welcome to the English version of my website. The English version of my site consists of exactly one page – this one! ;-) Wonder why? This is a place for advanced learners of the German language, who want to prepare for university studies in Germany.

German for beginners

So if you are a beginner of German, I would appreciate if you’d learn some basic German in your local university or a local language school – and then come back and see what’s happening here. ;-)

No Money? No local German language school? No university? – Perhaps you can try the free German beginner course at Deutsche Welle Deutsch interaktiv – the best free online German course that I know.

Another good place to start right now is BBC Languages German

Have fun – see you!

Information about Learning German in Germany

In Dezember 2014 I started my website „Learn German in Germany“. The site is in English and my intention is to provide the most important information about learning German for university studies in Germany.

This site is under construction at the moment. I hope you’ll understand that it may take some time until this site is a good resource for answering your questions about learning German in Germany:

Learn German in Germany – Home